Gauahar Khan gives a befitting answer to a netizen who called her 'Hamas Supporter'; writes "War is war, it’s always instigated by one and then it's a vicious cycle" -
Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
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The Israel war has left the whole world shattered and shocked. The recent deadly attacks on Israel caused by Hamas have been in the headlines. Gauahar Khan who is known for her strong opinions and reaction took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share her views on the attacks.

She wrote, “Killings are wrong, All killings are wrong. Let the world have peace. Let it stop right at the very beginning of it.

There is no right or wrong in war, it’s ALL wrong. So all countries must adhere tohuman rights, ALL lives matter, ALL lives matter. ALL lives matter. I can’t say it more clearly. All wars must stop .. Live and let live.”

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A user wrote that Gauahar was supporting Hamas, “Now you’re a Hamas supporter as well? It’s so disturbingly captivating seeing elite Ashraf women living liberated lives and supporting organisations which would make their lifestyle the first target just like Taliban did.”
Gauahar responded to the user’s claims, “Shocking that you, being a research journalist, are closed off to actual facts. Hamas is a terrorist outfit, okay, and in that same tone, Israel is a terrorist state. Becoz what they have done time and again is attacked without provocation, grabbed land wrongfully for years since 1948, killed innocents for years together, and attacked Al aqsa every time they thought it was ok. And now this Hamas attack is being seen as a clean pass to bomb Palestine more and kill.”

She further wrote, “So Palestinian lives don’t matter??? War is war, it’s always instigated by one and then it’s a vicious cycle, read up on when this started how it’s going in numbers, and then talk. Israel is responsible for never paying attention to human rights, land invasion, ethnic cleansing, and more than 1000 prisoners, some of them children, but I guess the world will be blind to anything bad happening to the Muslim world. Alas, this was not Ukraine I guess.”


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